Mr Judge A Steamy Standalone – Flora Ferrari

Mr Judge A Steamy Standalone – Flora Ferrari
epub | 344.04 KB | English | Isbn:‎ B09WJW6FYJ | Author: Flora Ferrari | Year: 2022


I did a bad thing.
But I had a good reason.
My neighbor had been neglecting his dog, treating him terribly, abusing him. Bones doesn’t deserve that. He’s an energetic cute-faced little Jack Russell terrier.
So I took him.
Now I’m standing trial with the man of my dreams as the judge.
Judge Pearce Prescott at fifty years is carved out of pure marble, with wolfish eyes that pin me in place when I walk into his courtroom. I can hardly look at him without shivering.
I know he’d never be interested in me. I’m twenty, curvy, and a virgin. That’s a triple threat if there ever was one.
But then the impossible happens.
Pearce lets me off the hook. He takes Bones from his previous owner’s care for neglect, and he adopts the dog.
If that wasn’t crazy enough, he offers me a job as Bones dog sitter.
It’s a dream gig, meaning I can work on my college courses while Bones is sleeping.
I warn myself not to get carried away. It’s just a job. Judge Prescott isn’t interested in me.
But one night he tells me no other man is allowed to touch me. Ever. That I’m his.
I don’t want anybody else, but I’m also freaked about what will happen when he discovers I’m a virgin.
Things get even more complicated when somebody throws a brick through his window, with a message attached.
I know what you did.
It’s all such a confusing whirlwind, but I know one thing for sure.
We’re going to need Bones’ help to make it out in one piece.

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