Annotated Atlas of Coastal and Marine Winds

Nazla Bushra, Robert V. Rohli | 2021 | ISBN: 0128200618 | English | 166 pages | PDF | 96 MB

Annotated Atlas of Coastal and Marine Winds provides a quick-reference guide to the major prevailing near-surface wind systems of value to coastal and marine scientists and engineers, along with concise explanations of the features that cause these winds and a quick qualitative assessment of the amount of moisture that such winds typically carry. The authors start by including a discussion of the major forces that give rise to winds, with emphasis on coastal and marine processes. Following this discussion are 60 maps of the mean monthly sea surface temperature, atmospheric pressure, wind speed and direction expressed as vectors (length and width proportional to speed, with the arrow used to designate direction), and moisture fluxes in coastal and marine areas worldwide, and 48 maps with a focus on the diurnal shifts in response to differential heating between land and sea. The book concludes with a set of composite “spaghetti” maps of the tracks of tropical cyclones including hurricanes (cyclones/typhoons) that have existed in the various ocean basins over the last 172 years (from 1848 to 2019) and also over the last 41 years (from 1979 to 2019) for a closer look.

Readers will be able to use the book to identify likely patterns in which sediment, pollution, or oil spills will disperse, fish or birds will migrate, or transportation may be affected. The ocean circulation pattern shown will also have the potential to contribute to greater understanding of strength, seasonality, and distribution within the day-night cycle of moisture transport from the sea inland. Annotated Atlas of Coastal and Marine Winds focuses on a single topic in a format conducive to a quick reference for environmental science area professionals and does not require the reader to have an extensive background in atmospheric and marine science. As such, this resource is applicable for coastal and marine scientists and engineers studying phenomena that are affected directly by weather and climate, as well as anyone interested in marine wind characteristics and physical processes.

Key Features

• Presents a simple summary of atmospheric processes
• Provides a quick reference about prevailing global and regional wind patterns and moisture transport for understanding pollution patterns, prevailing storm tracks, climatology deviations, and atmosphere-ocean relationships
• Includes easy-to-access summary information about prevailing wind directions, sea level pressure, and water vapor flux, all in one place
• Contains a comprehensive index for easy reference for non-atmospheric scientists

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